The GAFFO sewing program is an intense 25-week program that gives participants the opportunity to develop the necessary skills that can enable them to work to enter the job market in this sewing area.

During the 26 weeks, participants in this sewing program will not only have the opportunity to learn and master the different kinds of sewing machine most used in the field of industrial sewing, but will also have to participate in workshops and various information sessions on portfolio construction and resume writing, job interview practice, labor rights and labor standards in Ontario.

  • 25 weeks of sewing and embroidery classes.
  • Initiation to knitting machines.
  • 8 weeks of internship.
  • Mentorship internship.
  • Job search techniques.
  • Build a portfolio and a resume.
  • Exhibition of realized works.
  • Creation of a sewing club.
  • Certificate issued at the end of the course.

Orientation and acquisition of knowledge necessary for the production of:

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