Knitting lessons for beginners and intermediates

This course for girls and young women is a favorite pastime but pays off as the participants and even sometimes the participants will learn to knit for their own needs and those of their families. The notions covered in this course include: casting on stitches, knit stitch – garter stitch, purl stitch – stockinette stitch. Then the participants will see how to do rib, cast off the stitches and fasten the threads. For example, they will learn how to make washable make-up remover wipes (without a sewing machine), knit moss stitch, knitting a first name, fern stitch, pointed neckline, trinity stitch, etc.
Elles apprendront ainsi par exemple à fabriquer des lingettes lavables démaquillantes ( sans machine à coudre), tricoter le point de riz, un prénom à tricotin, le point de fougère, l’encolure en pointe, le point de la trinité etc.