The mission of the Groupe Artisanal Féminin Francophone of Ontario is to discover and channel the various artistic and professional talents of immigrant girls, women and older French women to guide them in their settlement process and to facilitate their social integration in Ontario.

Our mission is also to encourage women's crafts to take off again in society. We hope to help immigrant women find jobs in their field of interest.

We organize workshops and activities in the community to empower and encourage women in general.
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We work with immigrant women who want to participate in sewing, manufacturing, etc.

We work in close cooperation with women victims of violence, to encourage them to gain self-confidence and to gradually re-enter the field of work that interests them.

We also work with schools and community groups to promote different types of art in Ontario.

Our goal is to help immigrant women gain more self-confidence and care.

“I could not tell the feeling in words that I was really thankful for GAFFO that gave me such a confidence and courage to prove myself that I could really do something which I wanted to do for such a long time”
Tabassum Abidi, Participant at GAFFO