The knitting activity is considered at GAFFO as the quintessential activity that promotes the transfer of intergenerational experiences of our elders in our girls. This activity is animated by groups of elders who are animated by the desire to perpetuate this art of knitting
and to break their isolation share their experiences by mentoring our young girls.

In addition to allowing our elders volunteers to feel useful in the community and break their isolation, this activity acts as calming for many seniors say attest to feel less nervous because they have something useful to look.

This activity also helps our recent immigrant clients in the Scarborough area with mitts, scarves and tuques.


The knitting learning sessions are open to everyone. No matter how old or busy you are, you'll enjoy moments of relaxation while letting your creativity guide you.

Be assured that no matter how long it takes to complete each project, the end result is worth it. In addition, knitting will allow you to offer beautiful gifts made by hand. Your loved ones will certainly be charmed by your prowess, and will cherish your gifts.


As with all its activities, the GAFFO provides all the necessary equipment that participants need to participate in this activity. We will quote as examples:

  • Knitting yarn
  • Needle
  • Hook
  • Crochet needles