The GAFFO provides training, being composed of 90% of young immigrant girls and women from countries where they experience all forms of incidences of violence against them and their children, it offers its members opportunities to learn techniques to cope with these situations of violence. The GAFFO conducts training sessions in areas such as Intimate Partner Violence, Child Abuse and Neglect, Forced Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, Youth Dating Violence, All Trainings provided at GAFFO are culturally appropriate for its members. Our various craft activities are also adapted to the prevention of violence.

As part of the prevention of domestic violence, the GAFFO anime des clubs de discussion et de partage selon les tranches d’âges des participantes, en l’occurance le  club des jeunes et le club des aînées.

The GAFFO has a volunteer service who can listen to its members and even describe the different choices available to them. Our volunteers can also refer clients to a lawyer, if needed, or to other services, such as psychological assistance, financial assistance, medical services, women's centers and others.